Affiliated to CBSE
Bandlaguda - affiliation No 130377
Kandlakoya - affiliation No 130341
Academics @ T.I.M.E. School
K.Preetam of Std VIII (TSBG) won the First prize for his model on "Earthquake detector" and S.Aryan of Std IX (TSKK) won the third prize for his project "autonomous car" in the" Made in India" contest held by Vasavi College of Engineering.
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Parent's Testimonials
"For my kid I found the right school & mentors. They made her transition period easier, joyful and playful. Self confidence was instilled in her because of the right mentors in T.I.M.E. School.
I thank each and every one in T.I.M.E. School for honing the best skills in my daughter."

G.Chandana Kumar
(mother of Nikhila Naidu)

"T.I.M.E. School is the place I found the perfect blend of values and modern education. Our Principal, Teaching Staff, Support Staff are always willing to lend a helping hand and most importantly are very open to feedback. They are the best and undoubtedly focused on shaping up childrens future and making them a perfect citizens of our country."

Shailendra Singh
(father of Vaishnavi Thakur)

"Initially I was apprehensive about the school, but there are a few things which I really liked:-
  1. The teachers involvement and paying individual attention
  2. Extra curricular activities and the teaching methods.
  3. The environment is quiet and clean, as well as the classes are neat and good.
The teaching method is good, it is not going too fast as compared to other schools."

Osman Esa
(Says father of Aiman Osman)

"We are satisfied with the school, both teaching and non-teaching staff of school are working hard to develop the child. There is lot of growth in my sons communication skills, he has developed his confidence levels.
Last but not least Principals approach and attitude is greatly appreciated."

I. Venkataramana
(Says father of Aashrith)
Class 2

"We are happy to have Karan in such a good school with a strong heritage. It was good to see that my son is getting a well rounded education along with personalised attention from his teachers.
The parent teacher interactions are very helpful in understanding areas of improvement that we shall work towards. All in all,a very good school and experience."

Ran Vijay
(Says father of Karan Soam)
Class I

"I am proud that my son got a very good school. I can see remarkable improvement in my sons Academic Results.
I should appreciate the T.I.M.E. School management and teachers for their good education systems."

M.Gowri Prasad
(Says father of G.Aswin)
Class I

"I observed that the teacher interaction with student is very polite and motherly. Teachers are taking personal interest in each and every child. Mainly practical teaching method is very good.
Compared to the previous school he improved his communication skills and concentration level in T.I.M.E. School."

P. Mounika
(Says mother of P.Srishanth)
Class I

"I am proud that I chose T.I.M.E. School for my son.
I can see remarkable improvement in my sons Academic Results."

K.Anitha Devi
(Says mother of K.Sathvik)
Class I

"T.I.M.E. School is the school we got in correct time. Teachers are very friendly with the students. They are teaching the lessons in such a way that the children are able to easily understand the concepts and logics.
Naveens handwriting has shown notable improvement."

K.Bala Sai Kumar
(Says father of Bala Naveen Gupta)

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T.I.M.E. School
Instilling Values. Nurturing Excellence.

At T.I.M.E. School our approach is guided by traditional values - strong leadership, good teachers, proven teaching methods, comprehensive curriculum and all-round education.

T.I.M.E. School brings all these vital ingredients together in a manner that preserves the spirit of education and makes a powerful positive impact on children.

Good education is about doing the simple things well.

The most successful students understand fundamentals and know how to apply them at the right time. Similarly, the most successful schools understand the fundamentals of education and know how to apply them so that their students become achievers in every walk of life, against any competition.

Our Infrastructure
T.I.M.E. School’s campus has been designed to give students an open, healthy learning environment. We have spacious, well-ventilated classrooms, ample recreation space, and...