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Bandlaguda - affiliation No 130377
Kandlakoya - affiliation No 130341
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T.I.M.E. School

T.I.M.E. School is a co-educational and non-residential school following CBSE syllabus.

Our Ethos

We believe that every child is unique in his/her abilities, needs and personality. Guided by this belief, we align the appropriate environment, resources and teachers to harness the child’s potential to the fullest.

  1. Provide highest quality education to students.

  2. Give students more than what we promise them.

  3. Charge reasonable fees-without compromising on the quality of inputs we give.

  4. Act in the best interests of students at all times.

Parents - Partners at T.I.M.E. School

A child’s future is the shared responsibility of the family and the school. As we prepare children to enter society in the best manner possible, an alignment of family and school systems is critical.

At T.I.M.E. School, we work closely with parents, involving them as partners in making the best decisions concerning their child’s development and education.

Our Approach:
  1. Use of time-tested methods.

  2. Comprehensive curriculum.

  3. Activity-based teaching.

  4. Reinforcing concepts using different methods.

  5. Inclusion of co-curricular & extra curricular activities.

  6. All-round development of the child with a solid foundation.

  7. Children learn through hands-on experience with timely and sensitive intervention by adults.

  8. Our teachers are facilitators in the learning process and are sensitive to the needs of children.

  9. Teachers are trained continuously to keep up with advances in the field of education.

The Teaching-Learning process at T.I.M.E School:

  1. Is child centric.

  2. Encourages active participation of students, through group discussions, debates etc.

  3. Gives hands on experience through experiments and projects.

  4. Aims towards understanding, rather than memorising.

  5. Helps the child set goals and achieve them.

  6. Teaches children effective methods to understand, reason and apply.

  7. Inculcates values that will enhance the quality of their lives.

  8. Develops communication skills and ability to express ideas.

  9. Teaches children to co-operate and collaborate through group activities both cultural and sports like Music, Dance, Karate, Basket ball, Cricket, Foot ball etc.