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Invest time in kids rather than investing in mutual funds


Children are the most precious and valuable gift for parents and are loved by parents with all their heart. Children are like tiny offshoots of a plant which when nourished, blossom but when neglected, wither away. Children look up to their parents for all their needs, physical as well as emotional. They depend on their parents and innately crave for their attention. Children need to be showered...

Emotional Intelligence and its Significance


We are all familiar with the term intelligence quotient (IQ), however emotional intelligence or emotional quotient (EI /EQ) is equally important. IQ determines the cognitive ability of a person whereas emotional intelligence (EI) measures the emotional ability of a person. Latest research suggests that the EI of a person is more essential for his or her success in life than IQ. Therefore let us...

Safety Measure to be taught to Children


The safety of a child is the primary concern of any parent. As children are very innocent and vulnerable, they are prone to danger from the environment and society around them. Therefore it is essential to educate children about the importance of safety. When children are toddlers, parents or elders are always around them, watching their every step. But this is not practical when the child grows...

Emergency situations and how to handle them


The Cambridge dictionary defines an emergency as ‘something dangerous or serious, such as an accident, which happens suddenly or unexpectedly and needs fast action in order to avoid harmful results.’ Being prepared for an emergency involves planning and preparation.  As the definition indicates, emergencies happen ‘suddenly’ or ‘unexpectedly’.  Some examples of emergencies can include an...

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